Nylon line guide PRO for Vivarelli flyreel LB9


We have designed this second version of our nylon line guide for nymph fishing for flyreel vivarelli, thinking of our most demanding and competitive customers, and that require the following advantages of this new model to achieve the best results in fishing action:
• A large diameter polished stainless steel outlet ring (7.5 mm) to allow quick launch of the nymphs and minimize the friction of the thread with the ring.
• Now the thread comes out directly from the spool and eliminates the possibility of curling the thread by friction with the exit ring when we have it under tension, for example when fighting a trout. In the old versión of our nylon line guide an angle of 90 degrees was formed.
• The position of the nylon line guide is variable in height so that the fisherman can adjust it and get the effect of the previous point for different spool diameters.
• Very light and highly impact resistant material.

Valid only for Vivarelli fly fishing reel.

Product Description

Assembly instructions:
1. It is inserted in the front slot of the spool turned 45º to the right according to the figure 1.
2. Once inserted, turn 45º to the left according to figure 2.
3. Slide the nylon line guide through the slot to the desired position according to figure 3.


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