Designing top fly fishing experiences

Luckybur is a Spanish brand dedicated to the design and manufacture of accessories to make fly fishing an even more comfortable and enjoyable experience. Mix design innovation with new manufacturing technologies and nature friendly materials. Our laboratory is the river, because we are anglers like you, and know what you need and maybe what you want. We believe in sustainable fishing and catch and release, as the best way to keep the beautiful world around us, to go out every day to the river in search of that moment that makes time stand, of the fish of a lifetime, the perfect stream, the cold water in our hands, the good company. Enjoy Luckybur flyfishing style.

Our pro-staffs

equipo luckybur jorge

Jorge Burgaleta

  • Industrial engineer and Flyfishing accesories designer.
  • Owner spanish flyfishing accesories brand Luckybur.
  • Experienced flyfisherman worldwide (Alaska, Patagonia, Kola, Europe…).

equipo luckybur joaquin

Joaquín Herrero

  • One of the best trout flytiers in Spain.
  • Owner of website.
  • Official writer for the spanish flyfishing magazine Danica.
  • Experienced trophy trout flyfisherman and profesional guide.

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