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Fly fishing removable rod ring LB6


Placing a removable fly fishing rod ring prevents the sliding down of the line produced by an excessive line loop between your hand and the first original rod ring.

When we fish by european nymph style only with nylon, the ring close to the cork, helps to take the nylon with the hand quickly after casting the nymphs.

As it is removable, you can put it and remove it when it is not necessary.

Product Description

Removable ring to be fitted on the fly rod to a distance of 20 – 25 cm away from the end of the cork grip. Inner diameter of the ring 7.5 mm, made from polished stainless steel on plastic support. Valid for most of the rods from line 3 to line 5 and any length from 8,6 untill 11 feet.

A silicone ring is added to hold the second nymph during out-of-river movements.

Mounting: Insert the ring making clip at the nearest position to the first ring (where the diameter of the rod is less) and then slide it down to place it in the position marked on the sketch. Remove the ring from the rod once finished the fishing action for a longer life and allow it to regain its original position and not go giving over time. Very light material, highly impact resistant and deformation, and a soft texture to prevent damage to the varnish coating of the rod.


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