Knobs with line locking for Vivarelli flyreel LB4


The knobs with line locking for the tippet have three silicone rings. Bolt to the spool with a spacing of 180 °. Extremely light to avoid vibration during rotation of the spool (less than 2.5 grams) and ultra resistant. Ultra-flat head screw to prevent snagging on the output of the line from the reel.

Product Description

The knobs with line locking for Vivarelli flyreel are ideal to fight big trout with the reel instead of holding the line or yarn by hand, preventing breakage and loss of fish. Specially designed for the original Vivarelli reel, but also compatible with other spools to stay in hole diameter bigger than 4.5 mm.

Mounting: insert the screw through the hole leaving the head in the inside of the spool. Paste with a little Loctite on the thread. Screw the handle at the other end until it stops; the handle must not falter but to rotate on its axis. Put them in 180º separated holes to balance the spool. The knob with tippet locking takes a washer to be placed on the outside of the spool according to the cover picture. To set the tippet, slide it between the three silicon rings.


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